Sunday 25 June 2017

Going To Gallipolli Italy By Train-Maybe, Maybe Not

If you are in Lecce in Southern Italy an interesting side trip is to visit to sea side town of Gallipoli and the only practical way if you do not have a car is via train and the service operated by Ferrovia Del Sud Est. It is 53 KM and will take about 2.5 hours.

The Ferrovie Del Sud network

BEWARE --the train system may not operate on Sundays or public holidays and do not rely on the local tourist information centre's or the web site to give accurate advice. When it is operating it may or may not operate to a regular timetable as we found while standing at Lecce train station where some seven Ferrovie Del Sud employees standing on the platform had no idea when the train would leave, if ever. Make sure you buy a ticket and validate as it may or may not be checked  and be sure you are in the right carriage as at one point the train splits into two and one will go to Gallipoli and the other some other destination.Don't worry as the conductor will frantically run through the train checking.

Enjoy Gallipoli and the train journey is part of the fun and if you get stuck in Gallipoli 

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