Friday 23 June 2017

Lake Powell-Magnificent Scenery

The township of Page was established in 1957 as a home for workers on the Glen Canyon Dam and it would be fair to say back then it did not offer a great deal to offer for those that lived there and although a tourist hub for visitors to lake Powell which it overlooks it has not come a long way. Lake Powell however makes up for it and the scenery is remarkable and some of the best in the US. For those that like movies one cannot forget Charlton Heston in the 1968 version of Planet of the Apes scrambling from a downed spacecraft that had landed somewhere unknown that was filmed in the middle of Lake Powell. Lake Powell does offer some reasonable accommodation with a Marriott Courtyard down the hill towards the lake and some other chain motels. For accommodation options use this LINK

Lake Powell, named after  John Wesley Powell an explorer of the Colorado River is located on the Colorado River between Arizona and Utah and is the second largest dam in the USA by volume after Lake Mead. The dam was established by the creation of the Glen Canyon Dam just a few kilometres away from Page.

Typical Scenes on the Lake

Typical Scenes From Some Of The Canyons Off The Lake

If the Lake is not enough there are other exciting places not that far away and include, Antelope Canyon, Rainbow Bridge National Monument,Grand Canyon North Rim, Horseshoe Bend, Coyote Buttes and Glen Canyon Dam itself. And do not forget to take a walk around  Page and visit some of the world class restaurants and bars.

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