Monday 26 June 2017

Point Nepean-A Different Part Of The Mornington Peninsula


Point Nepean is the final point of the Mornington Peninsular that overlooks the "Rip' or the entrance to Port Phillip Bay and the Bellarine Peninsula on the western side. It has loads of history with Fort Nepean and all that went on at the time of WW1 as well as the Quarantine Station and the events of the late 1800's and early 1900's as well as the loss at sea of the former Prime Minister Harold Holt. Apart from the history it has some of the most interesting and beautiful scenery around.

Looking North From Point Nepean with Port Phillip Bay To The Left
Parking is available at Gunners Cottage and the Quarantine station and there is a bus service that will take you to the point itself.

You can walk the road to the end or take the bus m go via some of the tracks or along the beach and they are all great. The views across the Rip, to the south across Bass straight or just looking at Port Phillip Bay are all excellent.

Princess Of Tasmania Going South Through The Rip

The Ocean Side--Just Near Where Harold Holt Was Lost
Port Phillip Bay

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