Sunday 25 June 2017

Wiener Schnitzel--In Search Of Perfection In Vienna And Other Places

If in Vienna one has to find the perfect Wiener Schnitzel, the well known speciality of Viennese cuisine and now copied around the world in its various incarnations and derivations that generally mess it up completely, particularly in the US and Australia where it has morphed into a slab of chicken fried in bread crumbs and sold with a pint of ale for $9.00 as a daily pub special.The true wiener schnitzel is a delight and is a thin milk fed veal, crumbed and fried to perfection and served with potatoes and a salad and a slice of lemon. 

History of the humble schnitzel is a little blurred but it appears it emerged  in the mid-1800's and was derived from the Italian Cotoletta de Milanese but it really is of no concern as both are great in both countries although perhaps the red wine might be better in Italy.
Plachutta's Gast Haus Zur Oper Version
French fries and salad not shown and the cook remained hidden for security reasons.The waiter inferred he/she was scared of flying schnitzels or worse wine bottles (empty) because the food did not meet standards but in this case they had not to worry as everything was fine and so was the wine.

The quest started in Munich where on arrival and close to the train station was a German Beer Hall type restaurant called Munchner Stubn that served a pretty good schnitzel, although in fairness it was the first after a long absence from the dish and one had to have a glass or two of wine (Italian from Puglia so the waiter said with glee) to overcome jet lag. The second schnitzel event was the next day in a side street of old Munich popular with tourists seeking the black board special--a Wiener schnitzel for 9 Euro with chips no less.Not as good as the first but OK and so was the Italian wine. Then to Sibiu and Brasov in Romania and the quality was worsening and my quest was now frantic and the wine was still Italian but lower quality and more expensive. 

Then back to Vienna with great anticipation and hope which came in the form of Plachutta's Gast Haus Zur Oper famous for their countries dish and a place I had visited years earlier. The quality was much better and life was on the improve but then my world was shattered with two or three more tries; all disappointing.Four weeks later and back home and my craving still not satisfied and yes, the evening meal came as requested --the best schnitzel ever at least so far but the quest continues.

Potatoes and salad and the Chef not shown as it might frighten the children

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