Wednesday 9 August 2017

The Day The LAX Marriott Caught Fire

The Night It Caught Fire

The LAX Marriott was built in the mid-1970's and looks it although a recent change in ownership to a Chinese company will see an upgrade in facilities. A recent stay there was in a totally renovated room.This is one of the biggest hotels in LA with over 1000 rooms and 18 floors.

This Marriott does not have a 13th floor and if my memory serves me correctly it was the 12th and 13th floor (labelled as the 14th) caught fire at about 2 AM. The sirens went off and people stuck their heads out of their doors and it soon became evident that evacuation was needed. As we clambered down the fire stairs the burly fireman were walking up dragging their fire hoses. We spent until around five AM in the basement with all the staff, and there were many that worked the night shift. We were allowed to return to our rooms (I was on the sixth or seventh floor) to retrieve our belongings.

is old -fashioned and tired but still has a place in my heart

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