Friday 22 June 2018

Mummy Mountain Arizona


Not As Well Known As Camel Back But So Close
You will find Mummy Mountain and the walking trails at the rear of the
J W Marriott Camelback Inn on Lincoln Avenue in Paradise Valley.
MUMMY MOUNTAIN was originally called Windy Gulch or Horseshoe Mountain but Charles Mieg purchased the land in 1940 for $12,000 and because of its resemblance to an Egyptian Mummy he called it Mummy Mountain and marketed parcels of land under that name. It is now a place with walking trails and sits at the back of the 
Mummy Mountain From Camelback

Another View From Camelback

 From The Gardens in The Camelback Inn
 The Start Of The Trail At The Rear Of The Camelback Inn
 Camelback from Mummy Mountain
 The "Old West Town" At Mummy Mountain
Another View Of The Old West Town

 This is the place to stay if you wish to explore Mummy Mountain but thee are a million other reasons to stay here in the historic J W Marriott Camelback Inn

In 1936 Jack Stewart and John Lincoln built Camelback Inn in Spanish Adobe style and created the first resort in Scottsdale.Despite the poor economy it became famous with the rich and many politicians and movie stars have stayed there over the years.
In 1868  Marriott purchased the property because of J W's fondness for the place and over the years has developed it. Apart from the magnificent gardens and views it has two 18 hole golf courses.It is a great place to stay.


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