Friday 16 November 2018

The Great Boudha Stupa

Asia's Largest Stupa In Boudnahath Nepal

The Stupa in Bodnath or Bouda is located 7 KM north west of Kathmandu and is 100 feet in diameter and 141 feet high and has the claim as the largest Stupa in Asia.

For those that are interested Stupa means  HEAP' in Sandskrit and hence a Stupa is a mound like structure containing relics like the remains on Buddhist Monks and is used as a place for meditation

Stay in Kathmandu and take a taxi for Rupees 500 to get to the Stupa through crazy traffic so close your eyes and have fun.A good hotel just outside Thamel is 

This is where you will see real Tibetan Buddhism and the place abounds with red robed Tibetan monks who roam the streets. Historically the Stupa was an important place on the road between Lhasa and Kathmandu and after the 1959 issues in Tibet a large number immigrated and settled in this area. This is an important place for pilgrims and has many tourists daily. There is a Rupee 400 fee for tourists to enter the Stupa and the area around it


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