Sunday 16 December 2018


Fascinating old Pre-Columbian site in 
Getting There

There are regular flights from Mexico City  that take about an hour.From downtown Oaxaca there are various ways to get to Monte Alban.You can take a taxi or there are numerous buses or shuttles at a number of tourist offices. Taxi is also an option. It should cost about 60 Pesos return for the shuttle.

Staying In Oaxaca

A good place to stay in central Oaxaca is.
The Site

Mont Alban is a fascinating archeological site dating back to 500 BC. It ended between 700 and 900 and no one knows why the place was abandoned.It sits at 1940 meters above sea level and 400 meters above the valley floor and the city of Oaxaca. It takes about one and a half hours to walk the site and see everything. Wear good shoes as you need to climb steep stone steps.

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