Monday 13 July 2020


Mysterious Incan Citidal In The Andes
Cuzco was the starting point for visiting Machu Picchu and we headed out by car traveling over high desert to the train station where the last leg was by train.The return tripo the next day was train back to Cusco. We stated ay Agua Cielentes the town below Machu Picchu in the Urabamba River Valley. From the elevation in Cusco (3,400) meters  Machu Picchu was more acceptable at  2,430 meters.

Machu Picchu was built in the 15th Century and later abandonned. It is renounded for its dry stone walls and use of large stone blcoks fused together without mortar and still standing despite the area being earth quake prone. Cuscohas been levelled a number of times. It was found by an English explorer Hiram Bingham in 1911 by accident as he was looking for another hidden site.

It was quite a magical place and the train ride back  (switch back) was entertaining although long. A Pisco Sour was welcome that night.

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