Tuesday 25 August 2020

Queen Victoria Building Sydney-Somewhere To Go



For those that are locked down in Melbourne, with no sign of any change near-term one can look back at some of the more mundane travel experiences and question why one did not pay more attention. Looking at photo's of a viisit to Sydney the Queen Victoria Building popped out It is on the historic register, has a great statue of Queen Vic and her dog Islay and has some average shops if that is what you like to do. It was built between 1893 and 1898, has been restored in the twentieth century and for those that need to know is 30 meters wide and 190 meters long and occupies the entire block boundered by  Market, York, George and Druitt Streets.

The Queen Victoria Statue was a gift from the Republic of Ireland (they had so many  they did not know what to do with this one) which stood outside the Legislative Builing in Dublin until 1947. It was erected at the current position in 1987.(Not sure why it took so long)  Do not forget the water fountain where there is a statue of Queen Vic's favorite woofer, Islay.

When in Sydney we stayed at


Maybe it is 'plague' lock-down thing but I started to wonder how many statues of Queen Victoria are located in the CBD of Sydney as Iknow of at least three. And then I started to wonder why she pops up everywhere. Definitely a lock down problem.

Always take a photo from the back 
Scruufy looking dog called Islay

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