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The Registran Square is located in the centre of the older part of Samarkand, a city that has two very different styles. Around the Registran you will find narrow streets and old housing in vast contrast to the wide streets of the modern part of Samarkand built during the Russian era and more like Europe that Uzbekistan.

The Registran is a large and elaborate square in well-maintained gardens across from a street lined with small cafes and restaurants catering for the many tourists that visit the square. Looking from the street the Registran consists of three madrassas. To the left is ULUGBEK Madrassa completed in 1420 and built by Ulmbek, the grandson of Timur and the fourth ruler of the Timur Dynasty.

To the right is SHER-DOR Madrassa built in 1836.It features a sun bearing lion and a derr with faces.


In the centre is the TILLA KARI Madrassa built in 1660 and features an elaborate gold and blue interior. Although theological schools  and a major historical attraction each of the madrassas featured numerous traders selling the wares.


Be sure to visit at night as the lighting is spectaular






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