Sunday 20 September 2020




 When in Bologna you cannot miss the two towers that dominate the city skyline.In the 12th and 13th century the city had many towers and some say up to 180. Most were demolished in the 13th century  and now less than twenty remain.Known as 'The Two Towers' the Asinelli Tower is 97 Metres and the Garisende Tower is 48 Meters. Apparently they were contructed within the city wall as defenzive towers at a time when there were agrguments between church and state. Neaby these tywoers you will find the remains of one of the gates to the wall which has long been lost. Bologna is  an interesting city with its pink builings and unique collonades but it is not generally seen as a tourist destination. It shgould be as it is very central to many great places in Italy  and it has a major train station. Venice is two hours away, Firenze, an hour, Seina an hour amd Modena and others nearby less. There is also a bus to San Marino.

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