Saturday 1 May 2021

Old Jack's Restaurant Review--Alpine Retreat Hotel Warburton Victoria




3340 Warburton Highway, Warbutrton,3799

Dinner-April 2021

The options for dining in Warburton are limited so the Alpine Rereat Hotel has a strong position as 'the ónly place in town' with the options it provided. Housed in an old-style building, with  an 'Alpine Rereat ' feel to it ,stuffeddeer on th wall and fireplace  the atmosphere was positive and th eplace was busy.

The specialty of the house appeared to be chicken schnitzel and a wide variety of chicken schnitzel with various sauces and toppings was available. The good old standard variety was quite good although fairly similar to most chicken schnitzels available in pubs, with the usual chips and mixed salad.

There were other options and they too were standard pub type meals.A reasonable range of wines (mostly De Bortelli) were available. Service as okay and fairly standard. 

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