Saturday 9 October 2021




Zeehan is located on the west coast of Tasmania just north of Queenstown and Strahan and 139 kilometres south of Burnie. The town was named after the nearby Mount Zeehan, which in turn was named by George Bass and Matthew Flinders after Abel Tasman’s boat Zeehan which came by this area in 1642. Zeehan was established as a mining town after the Zeehan-Dundas silver and lead deposits were found by Frank Long, a prospector in 1882.A post office opened in 1888 and the town named Zeehan in 1890. Mining continued until the First World War although lead mining continued until 1963. Once known as ‘Silver City” by 1910 it had a population of 10,000 and 20 hotels and rivalled both Hobart and Launceston in size. Today it is essentially deserted but some old buildings have been retained. For accomodaton stay in either Queenstown or Strahan

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