Saturday 24 June 2017

Kununurra Western Australia-Truly Magnificent

Kununurra is 3040 km north of Perth in the Kimberly Region and it is a great place to see the truly amazing scenery in northern Western Australia. Qantas an others fly regularly into Kununurra where there is good accommodation. Pick winter as the weather is fantastic and dry. 

A View Of Kununurra From The Hill At The Back Of Town

Mirama Park In Kununurra--Mini Bungle Bungle's

Ivanhoe Crossing Just Out Of Kununurra--Salt Water Crocodiles To The Right

Our choice was Freshwater East Kimberly Apartments--see photo below.
A Map of The Kimberly's--Keep in mind the size as it is 100 km from Kununurra to WyndhamKununurra was established to develop and construct the Ord River Dam and is a medium sixed town with all the facilities you might need. From Kununurra you can visit many interesting places in the Kimberly region such as El Questro, Bungle Bungles, Ord River and the Ord River Dam and the famous Gibb River Road. Allow a week or so and ensure you have a 4WD. The scenery around Kununurra is also great.
Take A Cruise On Lake Argyle And Swim With Freshwater Crocodiles

The Ord River Below The Dam

Freshwater East Apartments

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