Saturday 24 June 2017

The White Cliffs Of Dover-A Symbol Of Britain

A True British Symbol--The White Cliffs Of Dover

The white cliffs stand 450 feet high facing France and in fact at their highest your telephone may welcome you to France.You would not go to Dover to visit a fun city, because it is quite drab; maybe to catch a ferry to France or go through the tunnel but then you would miss the fun city so the main reason apart fro the castle would be to see the British icon, the White Cliffs Of Dover. It is a good day trip from London and take in Canterbury on your return.
The cliffs were spectacular and the walk along the top invigorating and one wished I had wings because only then would it have been possible to get the full view

 I am sure after dark the town livens up but would not guarantee it.

The Cliffs

The Castle

Below the Cliffs

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