Friday 7 July 2017

Suica Card-An Easy Way To Travel In Tokyo

The Suica Card is a great way for foreigners to get around Tokyo and not have to worry whether they have purchased the correct fare for a specific journey. All JR stations have a ticket vending machine and it is used as an electronic pass to get on and off trains, bus's and the Metro subway, the Narita Express and the Mononorail from Haneda. It is also used for travel in other parts of Japan. You can load up to Yen 200,000 on the card but you cannot use a credit card (other than a JR Credit card) to purchase. It cannot be used on the Shinkensan-high speed rail.

So if you are moving around Tokyo hop into a JR station and purchase a Suica card and make life easy. The Metro and JR lines now usually have English details in the train and at stations so travelling is relatively easy and their are excellent maps available showing the rail system.

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If you are wondering about the name SUICA, it means Super Urban Intelligent Card with the "IC' which related Integrated circuit. An additional meaning comes from the word 'sui sui" which means to runs smoothly and the penguin logo reflects its ability to glide through the water.

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