Friday 7 July 2017

Ginza-High End Shopping And A Lot More

Ginza and Marunouchi Map
Ginza is the area in the bottom right quadrant of the above map.
There are many good hotels in Ginza  and Tokyo and my favourite is the Ginza Marriott Courtyard just three streets back from Ginza Dori.

So what is there to do in Ginza other than stroll Ginza Dori and the see all the high end department stores and shops which is worth the effort and make sure you do not miss the lower levels of the big department stores and their amazing array of food shops, like nowhere else. Walk the many smaller streets and find restaurants of just about any food  and many are not that expensive. Walk the streets by day and night and see the many neon and others signs with their brilliant displays also like no other.There is the Kabukiza theatre and not far away is the Imperial Palace and Hibiya Park and the Tsukiji Fish market.
At 10 Million Yen per square meter Ginza has to be one of the most expensive real estate anywhere.

 A Gate Into The Imperial Palace, a short walk from Ginza

Looking towards Ginza and Marunouch from the Palace

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