Wednesday 9 August 2017


Old Fortified Church Dating Back To 1218
A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Prejmer was a side trip from Brasov and well worth the effort and probably better than Dracula's Castle which from all reports was tacky and crowded. Finding the right bus for the 18 kilometre ride was fun but go to the private bus station opposite the railway station and ask and with some luck you will find someone who will point you to the correct bus, The driver was helpful and indicated which stop to get off (the second last).
We stayed in Brasov at a charming boutique hotel called

It was close to the main square and just at the back of the Black church. A great place and location if in Brasov

The fortified church  was built in 1218 by German Teutonic knights and was initially Roan Catholic although it shifted to Lutheran at some time. It is quite  a fascinating place that has been well preserved  and you go back in time as you walk inside and along the upper areas  of the fortification.

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