Wednesday 9 August 2017


Sibiu was chosen as the entry point into Romania  it has an airport with services from Vienna and a train system, although old provided access to places like Brasov. There are a number of hotel options  of varying quality and we chose the 
on the edge of the old town which provided somewhat old-fashioned services but they were clean and probably as good as anywhere else.

The view of Sibiu from the 

 Sibiu was an interesting old town  with interesting architecture  and old style European squares , small streets and winding stairs down to the lower level. There were some interesting restaurants although none were outstanding and most were catering for the locals and tourist trade. Some of the streets and old houses at the lower level away from the tourist area were particularly interesting and showed how people really lived. 
Sibiu was once part of Austria-Hungary and after this was dissolved at the end of W.W.1 Sibiu became part of Romania with a majority of German and Austrian, some Romanian and Hungarian people. In the 1990's most of the Germans left for Germany and Australia. Sibiu had a definite Eastern European feel to it and few in the restaurants ever smiled.It was safe and a good place to visit. 

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