Sunday 3 September 2017



The Dead Sea lies in the Jordan Riff Valley with Israel and Palestine to the west and Jordan to the east. it is 50 kilometres long and 15 kilometres wide and has a density of 1.24 kilograms per litre so you float rather than swim. The floor of the sea is usually salt crust so you need good shoes if you enter the salty water and a good shower afterwards. The closest point is the resort s in the Jordan valley about 50 kilometres from Amman Airport. There are a number of good hotels, one of which is the

 Looking West Towards Israel

 The Pool Area

To The South Of The Sea

The most convenient form of transport was a private car and driver and for a modest an=mount we were collected at Amman Airport. This was arranged by the hotel who also arranged a driver to take us to Petra and back also for a modest amount


The hotel has strict security and along the roads you will be stopped occasionally at road blocks by the military and your car will be searched. The driver was reliable and knew the locals and provided safe and secure transport in a reasonably comfortable car.

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