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Sorrento is located 108 kilometres south of Melbourne at the southern most point of  Port Phillip Bay. It has the beauty of the bay side beach protected from the southerly winds by cliffs and the spectacular ocean beach only a few kilometres to the south on Bass straight with its wild seas and surf. and rocky cliffs.To the west is the spectacular Point Nepean  Park and the entrance to port Phillip Bay.The town of Sorrento is packed with small shops and some historic buildings a n umber of restaurants and many new expensive houses that overlook the water all the way to Portsea. Sorrento also is the port for the Sorrento-Queenslcliff Ferry that can take you to the western side of the bay. At the back of Sorrento you will find the Mornington Peninsula wineries and the many good restaurants and beautiful scenery.
Hotel Sorrento
Hotel Sorrento is a great place to stay as it sits on top of the cliffs overlooking the bay and the ferry terminal.
 The Bass Straight Side
 The Port Phillip Side
An Older Building in the Township

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