Saturday 23 September 2017



Xi'an International Airport is some 50 kilometres from downtown Xi'an and a taxi or hotel car can be quite expensive plus you have the difficulties of language and some say that the local taxi driver's may take advantage of you. Hence we selected the airport shuttle and stayed at the Westin Xi'an which is well located in the city opposite the Big Goose Pagoda

At the Airport follow the signs to the bus  ticketing and boarding area in Terminal 3. There are signs in English and are easy to follow. Although there is not a lot of English  ask for the Airport Shuttle Bus QuJiang Line .If you can have the details in the local language by lifting it off the Westin Xi'an website.The cost is 25 CNY one way and the trip will take about 90 minutes. Exit at the last stop and you are right at the 

The return journey is the same and the bust leaves from the Westin Xi'an according to a published time-table shown in the hotel Lobby. 
The Westin Xi'an is a short walk from the metro which is clean and easy to get around the city.
The closest Metro station is DAYANTABEI on Line 3.
Walk across the road from the westin  and to the left of the Big Goose Pagoda and at the end of the park to the left you will find the subway entrance. Ticket machines speak English and at worst the subway ride will cost 3 CNY

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