Saturday 23 September 2017

Terracotta Warriors Xi'an By Bus 306

Terracotta Warriors Xi'an By Bus (306)
You can spend a large amount of money taking a tour or hiring a car or taxi to get you to the Terracotta Warriors Museum. You will find most hotels will not tell you the simplest and cheapest option that will cost RMB 7 one way and a RMB 2 or 3 on the train one way. and total of no more than RMB 10 which is better than a tour , taxi or car that can be as high as RMB 500.
Step 1.
Find your way to the Metro and buy a ticket (machines speak English) to Line 1 , Station Name Chaoyangmen as shown on the network map below.
Step 2
Take the D Exit and walk to street level (Jietang Road) and you will see to your right the following sign.

This sign points to and indicates that the Xi'an Central Railway Station is 500 meters. Walk towards the station and under the old wall and go through the Shangquin Gate and to the right you will see  a sign and a number of white bus's.

Step 3
Take the bus that looks as if it is the next to leave. Someone will indicate which on.
On board you can buy a ticket and exit at the last stop which is the Museum of the Terracotta Warriors. Repeat the exercise on the return trip.
A good place to stay  is the .

It is a short walk from Line 3 Dayantbei  Station which is on the opposite side of the Big Goose Pagoda.

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