Saturday 20 January 2018

Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain from Mummy Mountain at the rear of the J W Marriott Camelback Inn
 A great place to stay with a full view of the mountain is:

There are two ways to climb Camelback Mountain, the hard way and the very hard way. The Echo Canyon route is the more difficult of the two and it is 1.2 mile climb over very steep rocks and boulders often with the use of a hand rail. The Cholla Trail which starts near the Phoenecian is longer at 1.4 miles but less steep but still calls for some clambering over large boulders . Both places have limited parking particularly at Echo Canyon so get there very early in the morning. The views however from the top are worth the effort.
The early stages of Echo Canyon

Up The Hill

Half-way Up Cholla

The Cholla Trail

A Lone Saguaro

Near The Top
A Little Further To Go

At The Top Watched By An Airborne Visitor

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