Saturday 20 January 2018


Santo Domingo is the capitol of Dominican Republic and the largest city in the Caribbean with some 1 million in the city and three times that is the area around it. It was established by Bartholomew Columbus, the son of Christopher Columbus in 1496 on the River Ozama
and the Colonial Zone or the Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are numerous hotels in the Old City but we elected to stay at the:-

Winston Churchill Avenue No 93, Esancha Platina 

This was a modern hotel in the new and more upmarket area and located in a large and very good shopping complex. We took a tour to the Old Town which was the best way to see the place.Although advised to take care the Colonial Zone presented no security issues and it was  fascinating look at an old Spanish town, much of it still intact. Entry through the airport was hassle free  although there is an unstated $10 Visa Fee (cash only) on arrival fro many countries, The people were friendly and courteous and this was an enjoyable place to visit.

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