Sunday 21 January 2018

The 47 Samurai

Sengakuji In Tokyo Is The Site Of Their Graves

Image Courtesy Of Universal Studios--see below

Most Japanese kids know the story of the 47 ronin or leaderless samurai that dates back top the 18th century. Theor leader , Lord Asano insulted a a high court official called Kira and was duly punished and committed Seppuku or suicide by his own sword. After a year of planning the 47 ronin finally took revenge and killed Kira and for their trouble they too were required to commit seppuku which they duly did. The graves of the 47 along with the grave of Asano are located in the small Temple and graveyard in Sengakuji a suburb of Tokyo.

A good place to stay is.

How To Get There. 

If you are new to Tokyo the simplest way is to catch the Yamanote Line (JR) to Shinagawa
and walk towards Tamachi Station(towards Tokyo) Halfway along the road you will come to the Sengakuji Station and turn left and walk up the hill to the entrance to the Sengakuji Temple. Once inside turn left and go as far as you can and you will find the graves. Do not expect a great deal of English signage but there is some.

If staying at the Tokyo Marriott  catch the free bus to Shinagawa Station and walk or catch the train to Sengakuji  (Toei Asaksa Line) and exit the station and walk up the hill.
There have been numerous movies about the 47 the most recent released in 2013 starring Keenu Reevs. Worth seeing for a good action movie and a fictionalized version of the events. 

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