Sunday 21 January 2018

EL MORRO National Monument

 A Small, Little Known National Monument In A Less Traveled Part Of New Mexico But Worth A Visit
 From Albuquerque go west on 40 until Grants and then turn south on NM 53.If coming from Gallup turn south on NM 602 towards Zumi and the east on NM 53. A good place to stay is 

El Morrow National Monument is one of the smaller National Monuments in New Mexico and it sits on open grasslands and plains between Grants and Ramah on NM 53. It features multicolored sand stone cliffs and a clear water pool that has water year around, one of the reason it was a famous camp site for thousands of years for travelers going east west. There are over 2,000 drawings and inscriptions on Inspiration Rock, a large sand stone cliff adjacent to the pool and some date back over 1,000 yeas, many to the Spanish era between 1600 and 1800 add many more from Americans who traveled later. The best part is the walk around and on top of the cliffs for spectacular scenery and great views.Nearby are the Bandera Volcano area which is also worth a visit for some very different scenery.

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