Tuesday 16 January 2018


A Hidden Gem-But For How Long?

Located on the Esplanade between Deakin Avenue and Marguerita Avenue

The Pillars  has been known only to a few locals and some avid cliff jumpers and then it became popular, so much so that parking, trash , people numbers, cliff erosion  and the 'Greenies' caused the local council to try and fence it off. They failed , so far. and have sought approval from Aboriginal Affairs Victoria and the Victorian Government to proceed. Meanwhile all roadside parking has been removed  and  there is absolutely no signage and the track in is not developed and just dirt and scrub. Although not an advocate of many people scrambling over the sand stone cliffs , from Mt Martha Village to Safety Beach is one of the best parts of the Port Phillip coastline and it could be far better managed and utilised with some carefully planned paths and walkways ,protecting the environment but allowing the public to see the views. Narrow thinking will probably prevent this and the best part of the coast will be lost and it will naturally erode  and be gone. Forget the cliff jumpers but allow folks to take in the beauty of the coastline and protect the fragile environment at the same time.

is a good place to sat and a short drive away (park in Mt Martha Village)


The views are stunning and only viewable form above the Pillars.

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