Saturday 16 June 2018


Butrint National Park was unknown as was Albania until a day trip from Corfu to Albania included this ancient archaeological site in the tour. Butrint is only 14 KM south of the Albanian resort town of Saranda but best to stay in Corfu and do a day trip. A good place to stay in Corfu is the centrally located
It has a great pool

Butrint is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and covers and area of 1000 HA in the south of Albania  near the Greek border and close to Corfu. It takes about 45 minutes in fast ferry to make the crossing and a day tour is suggested.You need to go through immigration in Corfu but there are no border controls in Albania.
You can spend about two hour plus in Butrint exploring the Greek ruins that go back 700-800 years before Christ and then the Roman ruins and Byzantine and then the Venetian runis,. There is a good museum but take a tour with an English speaking guide for the best results.
Roman Columns
 Venetian Church

Venetian Castle Now A Museum

Roman Ruins

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