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When in Corfu we stayed and can recommend:-
Corfu Palace Hotel close to the old town and it has a great pool

Corfu was an interesting place to visit and more an Italian type of place that Greek as the buildings were old Venetian style.The cobblestone narrow streets and old churches and forts and buildings made for an interesting visit.Numerous airlines service the airport which is just on the edge of the town and only a fifteen minute taxi ride.Taxi's were metered and clean and the ride cost about €12. There are many hotels but few close to or right in the town hence the CORFU PALACE was a good choice as it was on the ocean and just a short walk to all the action and restaurants.

The historic old fort was worth a visit and expect a steep climb up to the lighthouse. Expect many tourists around the myriad of tourists trap shops in Old Town but that adds to the fun.Do not expect many really restaurants or for that matter traditional Greek food as often as not they had Italian cuisine and designed for the tourist. A must when in Corfu is to take a day trip to Albania and ensure it includes Butrint the UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site 14 KM south of Saranda in Albania. Immigration in and out is done in Greece and there are no border controls in Albania.

Lighthouse On To Of The Old Fort

Corfu Town From The Lighthouse
 Old Church In The Fort
 Looking North Along The Coast From The Museum Of Asian Art
 The Museum-Typical Old Building
 A Typical Narrow Street
 South Of The Fort Across The Harbour
 A Typical Arcade
The Esplanade

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