Sunday 17 June 2018

Churchill War Rooms

A convenient place to stay if visiting the Churchill War Rooms is:-

The War Rooms were fascinating and well worth a visit and to avoid long lines and a wait book your tickets on-line in advance.The Cabinet War Rooms  is a historic underground complex  that housed the British Government Command Center  in the Second World War.In began in 1938 and became operation in August 1939 and closed  in August 1945 after the Japanese surrender.

Apart from the War Rooms that have been maintained as they were here is also an amazing museum covering the life of Winston Churchill.

 The War Room
Communications Center

 Winston's Bedroom
 His Office
 A Little PR Outside
 Sentry On Guard
 Transatlantic Telephone Room--Converted Toilet
 A Few Key Players
 Even Australia Gets A Mention
 Mrs C's Bedroom
The Kitchen

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