Friday 22 June 2018

Silk Road Hotel-Dunhuang China


Heading for Dunhuang in Central West of China was an adventure as we were heading into unknown territory.The Silk Road Hotel had organized a pick-up at the airport and this happened without any issues.English language was limited at the hotel but the people were charming and went out of their way to assist.The rooms were decorated in local rugs and were practical and clean , if not luxury.
The hotel ground were extensive and well maintained  bordered on the 1.700 M sand dunes of the Gobi Desert.

There were a number off restaurants at the hotel serving local food which was interesting, but basic and different.Our favorite was the roof top garden that over looked the massive sand dunes. The local red wine was remarkably good and low cost.

There is much to see around Dunhuang and it is very different and there is no better place to stay than at the The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel. It is about 4 KM out of town but the hotel provided a free shuttle into town and the sand dunes are a short alk away.

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