Monday 19 November 2018

Hong Kong Noon Day Gun


It all started in 1860  at East Point where the gun is now located and where Jardine's offices were. The private military working for Jardines would fire the gun whenever the Jartdine boss arrived by sea. A local government official became annoyed at the practice and felt that such a recognition should only be for senior government and military and as a penalty ordered Jardines to fire the gun every day at noon.
A good place to stay in Wan Chai is:-
Renaissance Harbor View Hotel
This is an interesting place to get to. On Gloucester Road, walk on the side away from the water until you get to the World Trade Center. To the right of the World Trade Center you see a small narrow alley.. Walk a few meters into the ally and on the left will be a metal door, go and follow the signs to go through the car park and under Gloucester Road and turn left on the other side to find the gun.Be there at 12.00 Noon for the firing and the area is open at 12.30 PM.
Just Inside The Door
 Signage In The Tunnel
 The Alley & Door
The Gun

The View From The Gun
The Gun

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