Thursday 22 November 2018


 Map Courtesy of Travel China Guide

Yangshuo is a popular tourist town some 85 kilometers south of Guilin on the Li River in Guangxi Provence. Guilin is an ideal place to start the journey and it is one hour by plane , north west of Hong Kong.Cathay Dragon have daily flights. A good place to stay in Guilin is:-
Sheraton Guilin
The Karst mountains are featured on the Yuan 20 banknote and Guilin is the third most visited tourist city in China.

Most hotels offer tour packages from Guilin to Yangshuo. The cost around RMB 540 and involve a 4.5 hour cruise up the Li River , an hour or so in Yangshuo and a bus ride back. The tours are popular and you get an excellent view of the Karst Mountains which are extensive. Yangshuo is a tourist town and a little tacky but worth seeing.
 Kartst Mountains On The Li River
 The Cruise Boat On The Li
Cruise Boat & Karst Mountains
 The Karst Mountains
Seven Horse Mountain
 Main Street
 Shopping Street
 Colorful Side Streets
 Everything Is Edible
The lake in town

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