Tuesday 4 December 2018

Sengakuji The Home Of The 47 Samurai

Resting Place Of The 47 SAMURAI
Reading the story of the 47 Samurai may provide an insight into Japanese culture and there again it may not but the story has become a famous tale in Japan and worth understanding.It happened in the 18th century feudal Japan as was referred to as the ''Ako Incident'' where 47 leaderless Samurai or Ronin avenged the death of their leader. Their feudal leader was Asano who started it all by offending and a court official called Kira and as punishment for his offense he committed Seppuku or ritual suicide by sword which seemed a dreadful waste of a good feudal lord. The 47 avenged his death under their leader Oishi and cut off the head of Kira and then as was the practice all committed Seppuku which was one would thing a waste of 47 good foot soldiers. The Segakuji Temple is the resting of Asano and the 47. Not sure what happened to the various parts of Kira. Oishi, the leader of the 47 has a bronze statue erected away from the graves.There have been various movies about the incident some with fictional characters added to give Keenu Reeves and acting job.
Getting There
 You can get there via the Yamanote Line (Shinagawa ) and walking east to the Sengakuji Station and turning left and the temple is up the road. The alternative is to take the  Keikyu Main line and exit at Sengakuji Station 
Code 07.
The closest major hotel is the
on Meguro Dori.

Entrance To The Temple

The Temple

Asano's Grave
Asano's Grave And Some Others

The history in English

All Lined Up In A Row

 Some More Of The 47 Graves

Too Many To Count
 More Graves
Mandatory Sake Bottle & Beer Bottle Tribute To Asano

The Head Washing Well

About Sengakuji

Oishi Tribute

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