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Town View

Group "Orodun" playing drums--see Video Above


A stall selling street food called "Acaraje"


The old town of Salvador, with its portuguese colonial skyline, is called Pelourinho and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The old town of Pelourinho is divided into two areas, Cidade Baixa (lower town) and Cidade Alta (upper town), and Cidade Alta (upper town)  has a particularly beautiful cityscape.

Church of San Pedro dos Clerigos (Igreja de Sao Pedro dos Clerigos)

Terreiro de Jesus

The Terreiro de Jesus is a beautiful square surrounded by three churches, the church of San Pedro dos Clerigos, the church of San Domingos Guzman and the Cathedral of Salvador.


Church of San Pedro dos Clerigos (Igreja de Sao Pedro dos Clerigos)

Salvador Cathedral (Catedral Basilica de Salvador)


The exterior of Salvador Cathedral is plain, but the inside is elaborate and beautiful

Walking at night

In the southeast direction from Plaza de Jesus, there is a long and narrow square called Largo do Cruzeiro de Sao Francisco with a large cross , and at the end of the square is the San Francisco Church and Monastery (Igreja e Convento de Sao Francisco). Francisco)  

The San Francisco church, which has a very old-fashioned appearance and has walls and ceiling covered with gold leaf.

The walls of the cloister of the monastery are decorated with azulejos (blue tiles with pictures), giving you a sense of the history of the Portuguese colony.

The Igreja da Ordem Terceira Secular de Sao Francisco, located to the left of the San Francisco Church, has a baroque façade.




There are shops selling good accessories and fashionable restaurants around this area, so it has good feel to it..


From here, heading north towards the cobblestone hill, you will see the Largo do Pelourinho with its light blue church .


This plaza on the way of a steep slope was the place where there was a slave market during the colonial era.


The Church of Rosario dos Plates (Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosario dos Pretos) is a church for black people built by black slaves.Largo do Pelourinho is also famous as the location where the promotional video for Michael Jackson's "They Don't Care About Us" was filmed.


From Largo do Pelourinho, walk 250 meters southwest on Rua Alfredo de Brito to return to Terreiro de Jesus.

This area surrounded by three landmarks, Terreiro de Jesus, San Francisco Church, and Largo do Pelourinho , has a beautifully preserved cityscape, many souvenir shops and restaurants, and is the center of the old town of Salvador.Salvador is said to be in poor public order, but in this area, you can fully enjoy the walk without feeling any danger.The area above covers the north to east of Terreiro de Jesus, but there are also some attractions on the south side of Terreiro de Jesus.

Placa da Se, adjoining the south side of the cathedral


Statue of the cross and a statue of Baiana (women from Bahia) at the observatory of Placa da Se.


The Misericórdia Museum , located on the south side of Placa da Se, was a very impressive museum with its beautiful exhibits and the church attached to it.


The Misericordia Museum, once used as a hospital


Inside the Misericordia Museum


Walk about 100 meters south of Placa da Se and you will see the Praca Tome de Souza, which houses the Palacio Rio Branco .


The Souza Square is the platform for the Elevador Lacerda, which connects Cidade Alta (upper town) and Cidade Baixa (lower town) .Cidade Baixa (lower town), which spreads out under the cliff, is famous for its extremely poor security, but there is a folk craft market called Mercado Modelo .,


Mercado Modero in the lower town of Cidade Baixa


There were some dubious people in the elevator but there was also a security guard in the elevator. After getting off the elevator in the lower town across the road is the market.There were many shops that were closed and it was not lively, so it was not very good. I visited it early in the morning so it may have been too early.


In the lower town, I saw only the market and took the elevator again to return to the upper town.


Salvador is known as a town with some safety risk but it is surrounded by three landmarks of the old town (Terreiro de Jesus, San Francisco Church, and Largo do Pelourinho). If you are within that area, there is no problem with night walks.This is a bar called O Cravinho near the Plaza de Jesus .


Cascades (distilled liquor made from sugar cane) are lined up on the walls.


In Salvador, we stayed at a small boutique hotel called A small boutique hotel in a 19th century colonial building



The rooms were good and there was a pool.


There was also a bar on the rooftop, so you can have a happy hour in Caipirinha while watching the sea!


Cachassa cocktail "Caipirinha"


The hotel also has a nice restaurant.


"Mukekka," a specialty of Bahia

This hotel is very convenient for sightseeing as it faces the street that connects Piazza del Jesus and Pelourinho Square. You can go out for a night stroll at this place, so I highly recommend it!


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