Wednesday 15 July 2020

The Food Of Uzbekistan


The food in restaurants in Uzbekistan (Khiva, Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand) would not be classified as Gourmet or creative; it was basic and very low cost.The most common food eaten on this trip (tasty and safe) was SHASLIK.They came in various ways, cooked over charcoal and included chicken and beef ,peppers and onions.

PROF, was common which was rice cooked with lamb, carrots and raisins and looks like Indian Bityani but less spicy than the Indian variety.

RAGMAN was a thin noodle without soup, like grilled Udon  and not quite as tasty as Japanese noodles 

SCHWITT OSH was a green noodle made with herbs and was eaten in Khiva and claimed to b a Horasmian dish.It looks like fettucccine but is not aldente..

MANTI was a steamed dumpling with minced meat and yoghurt on the side and is apparently eaten across Central Asia. The skin was thin and juicy.

The Uzbekistan  SAMOSA was quite different to an Indioan Samosa and more like a small meat pie with a crispy skin.

GUNMA is a potatoe dish and looks like fried ravioli and is reasonably fluffy.They can contain potatoe or minced meat.

SURUPE was a soup like Potov with mutton and vegetable

RUSSIAN SALAD was eaten in the Russian are  of Samarkand in what was a very Russian restaurant that served good quality and tasty food.


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