Monday 26 October 2020

Planet of the Apes-Magnificant Lake Powell



Location for the 1968 Version of "Planet of the Apes"

A scene from the 1968 Twentieth Centurey Fox Movie "Planet of the Apes". the first in the series and by far the best starring Charlton Heston.

The first exposure to Lake Powell was in the 1968 version of "Planet of the Apes’ when the space-ship crash lands in Lake Powell. The desert scenes after that were filmed around Page, Glen Canyon and Lake Powell. Since then I have returned to Lake Powell many times, stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott in Page, eaten at the fairly average restaurants in Page, visited the Glen Canyon Dam and gone further to Antelope Canyon and Rainbow Bridge by boat which gives you the best feel  for this magnificent waterway.


In the 1940’s a number of dams were planned for the Colorado River in the Colorado Plateau in Utah and Arizona. There were many arguments about location and Glen Canyon was selected and the dam named after Wesley Powell, a one-armed Civil War veteran who explored the river three times in 1869.Work started on the dam in 1960 and it was completed in 1963.It is 216 metres high. It took sixteen years before the lake filled. It extends 299 KM and is 25 km at its widest part with maximum depth of 40 m and a capacity of 30,0001 km3.

 Page sits at 1255 m and is equidistant between Las Vegas and Phoenix (272 miles).



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