Saturday 1 May 2021

The Matsuno-no-o-roka Corridor-Edo Castle Tokyo



Where the 47 Samurai Story started  in 1701

Located in the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, you will find a few hundred meters from the ruins of the old Edo Castle, a small stone under a tree that identifies the site where Asano beat up Kira in what was known as the Matsuno-no-oCorridor that linked the Edo Castle with other buildings. The incident started the saga of the 47 Samurai in 1701. Lord Asano Takumino-Kami Naganori attached and wounded  Lord  Kira Kozuke-no-Suka Yoshinaka resulting in Asano committing seppuku and his 47 Samurai became Ronin or leaderless soldiers.They ultimately took revenge on Kira, chopped off his head and then all 47 committed seppuku, as you would expect. The 47 and Asano are buried in the Sengakuji Temple some six km away near Shinagawa.

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