Tuesday 15 June 2021

Under The West Gate Bridge-A Melbourne Place Not Quite There Yet

 Magnificent Area 

Potential Not Fully Realized

The Potential Is Unlimited

"Why would you go there?",  someone asked  and the answer was simple . "I had never been there and furthermore in Melbourne (Lockdown City)  where can you find such a magnificent place with such potential within the  limited range you can travel. And then there is the back ground hum and rumble of trucks crossing the Westgate Bridge.There were views of the Yarra River and large container ships on a meter or so away and then there was the Pumping station over the river.It is easy to get to by driving from the city along the Westgate Freeway and exiting at Todd road (the place with the gas stations) and there you are
Once described as a wasteland of swamp, dead wood, brackish water, dying factories and a smelly brown river it lived up to it well despite the efforts of so many volunteers who do their best.This is a magnificent area of open space with river views ,right on the edge of the city and totally under-developed and underutilized.

Time for those in charge to see the opportunity.

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