Thursday 29 July 2021



North West Queensland

Remote And Beautiful

How to get there

The Carnarvon Gorge National Park is 729 KM from Brisbane via the Warrego Highway and Carnarvon Highway and 412 KM from Rockhamption via Rolleston. The Gorge is 40 KM in from the highway and  the road is subject to flooding so pick the time of year to go in.

Where to stay

Micky Creek

This is a walk that is closest to the Wilderness Lodge and  before the Visitor Centre and is about 3 KM round trip.

Rock Pool
Close To Mickey Creek and a short walk in.There are better sites in the gorge and you can give this one a miss.

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery is a must see and is about 10 KM into the Gorge

Wards Canyon
Wards Canyon is small and accessd via a number of stairs and behind a small watwrfall and is one of the prettiest. it contains some ancient tree ferns

The amphitheatre is a longer walk in and there are steps and stairs .

Moss Garden
There is a decent walk in and some steps and an interdsting small gorge at the end.

The Gorge Walk

As there are at least eight creek crossings on cobble stones it is wise to take walking sticks as some of the crossings are a little difficult

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