Thursday 28 September 2017

Big Wild Goose Pagoda Xi'an


As this was opposite the WESTIN XI'AN this was one of the first sites to see in Xi'an.

The Big Goose Pagoda was built in 652 in the Tang Dynasty. and was originally a place where figurines of Buddha brought from India by Xuanzang were displayed. Xuanzang was a famous Chinese Monk who travelled to Silk Road to India and who helped establish Buddhism in parts of China. Xuanzang's bronze statue stands in front of the Pagoda.

The pagoda has suffered damage from earthquakes and has has been renovated and had floors added. It was five stories at 60 M and is now seven at 64. 5 M.
It is close to the Metro Line 3 Da Yan Ta Station.

According to legend there were some Buddhists who ate meat and some who did not. One day a group that did eat meat could not get any and prayed that Buddha would look upon their request kindly. At that moment a large goose fell from the sky with broken wings (obviously Geese are not Buddhists) and from that day onwards they were sworn off meat as it was a sign that that is what they should do. The pagoda was built where the goose dropped.

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