Saturday 30 September 2017



Walk behind the Drum Tower in the old walled town of Xi'an and you find a different world  which is the Muslim quarter, the starting point of the famous Silk Road, Xi'an attracted traders from West since 1st century BC and at one point Xi'an's population was one third foreigner. The ancestors of these Muslims resided in Xian with Han people harmoniously and built Mosques for worship. 

The Muslim quarter is a fascinating area where you can find exotic food and interesting people , many dressed in traditional Muslim style clothing. The food is very different and well displayed if at times a little over the top with their promotion and lighting. It is a must see if in Xi'an. A good place to stay is the WESTIN XI'AN. 

Walk over the road from the Westin, through the big Goose Pagoda area and find the Dayantabei Metro station (Line 3) and go to Zhinglou Station on Line 1. The system is easy to use and cheap and the ticket machines speak English. The Drum Tower is near the station.

A View Of Muslim Street From The Drum Tower

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