Monday 12 November 2018


Picture Postcard China

Guilin is a relatively small (only 4.7 Million people) in Southern China. It is 500 KM north west of Hong Kong and there is a daily one flight on Cathay Dragon from Hong Kong. Guilin is a clean and modern city set amidst a large number of karst peaks. The city sits on the Li River and is the reason that the city is so popular with tourists, particularly the Chinese who travel south on the Li River to Yungshuo, a picturesque tourist town with numerous peaks  along the river. The scenery is quite magical and features on Chinese bank notes. The trio takes 4.5 hours and is not cheap.
The best place to sat in Guilin is:-
It has a great on the river and close to all the local sights.

The Guilin Airport is modern and there is a good freeway in to the city and expect to pay RMB 150 one way.Hotels provide a service for about RMB 300.Around the city you will find the very picturesque Rong and Shan Lakes and the Elephant Trunk Hill.Most places require a fee to enter and it is not cheap.The best time to visit is October-November when the place is cooler. It can get very hot and humid in the summer and of course wet.
YungShuo is a pretty town but very much  designed for the large number of tourists and tacky tourist shops and bars.

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