Wednesday 11 December 2019



The Silk Road-Runs through Bukhara and Samarkand

Flying in to Uzbekistan is either through Moscow or through Seoul Korea. Asian Airlines runs regular services to Tashkent and this was the way we entered Uzbekistan. As the country was an unknown place in terms of what we might find we sought help with the hotel to arrange a car and this went of as expected without an issue. In Tashkent we stayed at
This is an older hotel and one of the better ones in Tashkent and was not over-priced. Some hotels can be very expensive. The Lotte Palace was centrally located and ideal for any visitor to Tashkent. It was clean and the staff courteous.
From Tashkent we caught a flight on Uzbekistan Airways to Khiva. See the section on Khiva. From there we caught the train to Buhkara and then back to Tashkent.


 Tashkent was surprisingly green and modern with wide tree-lined streets, numerous parks and many interesting buildings. It is a large rambling city and to see some of the sights it is necessary to take the Metro which was OK and very cheap.As an older person everyone was respectful and stood to allow you to have a seat. Take in the amazing architecture and designs in most of the subway stations.Something special  and interesting.

You can see the Russian influence in Tashkent and also Samarkand.There was no issue with safety as there were numerous police around. although do not expect any English and a great happiness to help. Be sure you carry all your documents and have the hotels recorded as you will need it when you exit.


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