Friday 10 July 2020


Paestrum is an ancient Greek city on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in Southern Italy.It is one hour by train from Solerno and one hour and twenty minutes from Naples. Paestrum has three major  Grrek Temples dating back to between 600 BC and 450 BC. and a city wall that is essentially all there a well as an Amphitheatre in good condition.The First Temple of Hera was built in 550 BC and the second 460-450 BC. A third smaller temple probably was built by the Romans.The  place only came to notice in the18th century around the time Pompeii was discovered. It is 79 KM from Naples (one hour twenty by train)  and about 50 kilometers from Salerno (one hour by train and the easist way to get there).The train station is about a kilometer walk to the ruins. Salerno is a good place to stay and quite different to Naples but has an interesting historic area and much cleaner and safer than Naples.
is opposite the railway station and near the bus terminal and not far from the waterfront.
There are sopme interesting restaurants, an old church and a very good museum in the small town at the site.

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