Thursday 9 July 2020


Visiting the Tsukiji Fish market a short  walk from Ginza was an experience as it  was different and chaotic a fish market as you would find anywhere.It closed in 2018 and was replaced by the massive Toyosu market on reclaimed land of the same name and double the size at 408,000 Square meters.It is massive and cost some $US 5 Billion to build
It is well organized and more refined that the old market with over 600 merchants, numerous restaurants. The feature is to watch the Blue Fin Tune Auction that starts around 5.00 AM each day. You can go there and see from a higher level but the best option is to book about a month ahead for a limited number of people  to see the auction from the lower level and up close.Plan ahead about a month and read the instructions carefully and cross your fingers that there is a spot available. You are permitted for a designated 10 to 15 minute period starting from about 5.45 AM.

How to get there. The best option is to stay in Tokyo. The 
in Ginza is a favorite.It is a short walk to Shimbashi Station. Our booking was at 5.45 AM and to get there by that time it was necessary to take a Toei Bus from Shimbashi Station (on the opposite side to Ginza and clearly marked.Get there earlier as there is usually a line-up. The alternative is to take the Yurikamome Line from Shimbashi and exit at Yurikamome Shiyo-mae station.Trains commence from 5.20 AM.

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