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Located 476 KM north west of Brisbane, you would not regard Roma as a tourist destination, more a place to pass through to get to places like Carnarvon Gorge to its north. It does have some interesting aspects however. If you do stay the 
did it quite well.

  • The biggest cattle sale yards in Australia which  are surprisngly a tourist attratction
  • The largest bottle tree in Queensland
  • A history in oil and gas with the first narural gas field in Australia that  was found by accident in 1900 when drilling for water.
Roma dates back to 1867 and is named after Lady Diamantina di Roma, the wife of the then Governor Sir George Bowen.

The Cattle Sale Yards
(Plenty of Bull)

I may be wrong but I doubt that a Cattle Sale Yard rates in few other places as a tourist attraction but is Number One on Tripadvisor, which maty reflect the other attratctions or the significance of the Cattle Yards that proceses 400,000 cattle a year and has sales on Tuesday and Thursday. It has an informatiive and interesting free Interprative Centre.

The Bottle Trees
(Seen the beef, now the brocolli)
A feature of Roma are the many bottle trees that line the streets and in fact Roma claims to have the biggest bottle tree in Queensland. The Avenue of Honour comprisning 93 trees is impressive.The largest bottle tree is believed to date back to the 19th century and was quite large when replanted at its curent lodation in th town. It has a girth of 9.51 metres and a height of 6 Metres.The bottle tree  (Bralhychiton  Rupestre) was doscovered by explorers Mitchell and Lindley in 1847 near roma and  between 1918 amd 1920 some 93 trees were planted in the streets of Roma in memory of those that were killed in World War One.

Gas & Oil
(Now for the Gas)
In 1900 , while drilling for water gas was accidently found near Roma and today oil and gas is a significant aspext of life in Roma.The BIG RIG is dedicated to the history of oil and gas in the region.Well known names like Santos and Origin have operations in the area.

Not All Beef & Gas
Roma has some interesting architecture and obviously a  group of artists and a park and church or two and one suspects a few characters.

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